Taiwanese Culture Night at UCLA

April 21st 2019 · Royce Hall

About Us

What is Taiwanese Culture Night at UCLA?

Taiwanese Culture Night is an annual, original student-run stage production hosted by a group of passionate students at UCLA. Our mission is to share Taiwanese stories and our pride of being Taiwanese through the drama! To celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, TCN will be held in Royce Hall for the first time and free for anyone who wishes to attend. Over 50 students put in countless hours of effort in all aspects of theater, including producing, scriptwriting, directing and acting, stage design, finance, marketing, and media production, to put on a show for an audience of 1200. In addition, TCN invites vocal performances from TauCappella, and dedicate the entire production to tell a story that educates not just UCLA but the LA community about Taiwanese culture and relevant issues that make an impact on us all.


台灣文藝晚會(TCN) 是一場由一群熱血青年舉辦的年度盛宴。這個晚會完全由學生一手包辦製作、撰寫劇本、導演、戲劇演出、後台製作與燈光音響、舞台設計、影片剪輯、還有人聲合唱演出。五十餘名學生在課業與工作之餘,熱情付出時間與努力為一千兩百席的觀眾提供充滿娛樂、懷舊、與感動的一晚。為了慶祝台灣文藝晚會20週年,今年的演出將在4月21日於UCLA知名的Royce Hall開幕,並免費對外開放給所有希望出席的嘉賓。

What is Taukappella?

Taukappella, originally named “TAU A Cappella,” was formed in 2006 by a group of UCLA students who enjoy Mandarin pop music. Although our group members come from various ethnic, and academic background, all past and present members bond through their love for music and performing. Our music style continues to evolve over the years. We started off by singing a variety of genres of Mandarin pop songs. In recent years, we began to create mash-ups with English pop songs by artists like Bruno Mars and introduced Kpop culture to the group. Throughout the years, we have expanded our audiences by performing at various venues throughout the LA community, ranging from on campus Lunar New Year Galas to off-campus events hosted by San Gabriel City Council, the Chinese Embassy, and more. We have spent a lot of time and effort preparing new music for this year’s TCN - we’re excited to be performing again and we hope you can support us!

Taukappella, 原本名為"TAU A Cappella”, 是由一群熱愛華語流行音樂的學生於2006成立的人聲合唱團。我們的成員來自各種不同的文化背景,但是我們以前到現在的成員都擁有一個很大的共通點-- 我們對音樂與表演抱持很大的熱衷,也因為興趣相投而一起努力創造出能感動觀眾的音樂。我們從唱許多華語歌開始,但是近年,我們開始結合不同樂壇的音樂元素,例如英語歌手 Bruno Mars 的歌以及韓語樂壇 KPOP 的音樂。多年來,我們也積極在各種洛杉磯地區的活動表演以擴大我們的觀眾,從 UCLA 校園的迎春晚會到 San Gabriel 市議會舉辦的活動。我們為了今年的 TCN 精心準備了新的音樂,也很期待今年再度在 TCN 的舞台上為觀眾獻上我們的歌聲。希望你們能夠全力支持我們!

Our 2019 Show

Date/Time: April 21st, 16:00
Location: Royce Hall


Coming of age is always accompanied by tears and laughter—drop by drop crystallizing into what becomes our lives.
This drama takes the audience along on the transformative adventure that is growing up, letting us experience the sensations and sentiments of the passage from youth to adulthood. This year’s story presents a girl who was born and raised in Taiwan, depicting her confusion and wandering in family, love, friendship, and dreams as she fervently struggles in her journey to metamorphosis.
In the face of different pressures and trials, how will our heroine find her true, independent self? Throughout her journey, there is heart, and there is hurt. But the cleansing of these tears finally allow her to realize her confident self. This year, the directors wanted to present a narrative closest to the audience’s hearts, a story that is right beside you and me.
This story will lead us to a reflect on the righteous indignation of our own youth, but also to ponder this question together: Have we ever tried so hard to meet the needs of others that we, too lost ourselves?

致 · 生命中的嘉賓


Meet Our Team

TCN is composed by four different subteams who work closely together to make the show happen.


Backstage is in charge of props designing and coordination, lighting, English subtitle, costume, makeup, and audio! We are the backbone of TCN and essential for making the show happen even if you don’t see us on stage!


Ever wonder why our promo video, photo shoot, program design, and social media all look so enticing? We’re the hands that make the magic happen.


The Finance Team is responsible for generating money to fund the entire show, which costs over $30,000 to produce this year! And our team mainly does so in 4 different ways: funding apps, sponsorships, fundraisers, and Spark. Feel free to support us in any of these 4 ways!


The front stage team is the dynamics on stage. Our roles range from developing the plot itself, to sculpturing the characters and atmosphere, all for you to enjoy on the showday! We devote countless hours to rehearsals so you can appreciate TCN just as much as we do.

Our Directors

Renee Hsu


This is my third year in TCN, and I absolutely love this big family! As a co-producer, I oversee the progress of the production, communicate with internal teams to ensure we are working towards the right direction, and build connection with various external network! It is most rewarding to see all kinds of talent shine through this platform that TCN provides!

  • Cognitive Science & Economics 2020

Charles Teng


This is my 5th year in UCLA and also 5th year in TCN. As a loyal member of TCN, Itruly value this part of my college life and the chance to work with these talented and passionate people. The feeling of gathering people all around and putting up one fantastic show is tremendous. TCN is not just a club, to me, it is a place where you can find shelter and comfort, it is a home where your heart belongs. Please come support our show at Royce Hall on 4/21!

  • Biochemistry 2019

Jessie Chang


This year is my second year at TCN, and I am grateful to be part of this lovely family! As a Frontstage Director, me and my co-director Link, we acquire inspirations from our surroundings to design the plot and to sculpture the characters. This year's production is not only an adaption from a true story but also a performance that invites you to think: "Have you ever lost yourself when you tried to fulfill others expectations? " It is my pleasure to witness and bring this astonishing performance in life for all of you!

  • Economics and Spanish 2019

Link Wu


This is my second year in TCN, and it is my pleasure to be a part of this big family. As a frontstage director, my partner, Jessie and I oversee and orchestrate the mounting of the production. We are responsible for ensuring the quality and completeness of the show and for leading front stage actors into the emotion behind the script.

  • Electrical Engineering 2020

Our Sponsors

We are extremely greatful to our generous sponsors. TCN will not be possible without the supports we receive from them. If you are interested in giving to TCN and becoming one of our sponsors, please take a look at our sponsor's package.

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